Indiana Congressman and Senators react to Virginia shooting

Indiana Congressman and Senators react to Virginia shooting

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - Following the shooting early Wednesday morning, some of our local congressmen and senators speak out about the shooting.

Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly started by saying he is grateful the shooting victims appear to be stable. He said House Majority Whip Steve Scalise has since had surgery.

Senator Joe Donnelly said he was on the other side of the river at the Democrat baseball practice when the shooting took place. He said he was getting ready to bat when his manager told him what happened.

They immediately went into the dugout, where an officer later showed up to make sure they were okay.

He said as of right now the charity game is still scheduled for tomorrow. He said that's the right thing to do because "their job is to try and make our country a kinder place where we remember each other's humanity."

He said his thoughts and prayers with the victims, and he's still trying to come to grips with how anyone could do something like this.

I have no idea why somebody would do something like this, Senator Joe Donnelly said. "I certainly don't have any wisdom or insight into the person who did it, other than to say it's an awful thing to do."

Indiana Senator Jim Tomes is calling this morning's shooting, "another one of those horrible circumstances we see far too often."

For the past couple years, he has been working to get a bill passed that would allow legislators and staff at the State House to carry a gun as long as they have their license. Senator Tomes is now more than ever, happy to see this going into effect, saying incidents like the Virginia shooting are a great example of why legislators and staff should be allowed to carry, even in the State House.

Senate Bill 43 will go into effect July 1. Tomes worked hard to get the governor to sign the bill. He said legislators and staff should have the right to protect themselves just like everyone else.

Since the bill passed, he says he's gotten a lot of positive feedback. Right now, he's really concerned about incidents like the congressional shooting that keep happening, saying we have to look at what we are doing as a society.

"It's very unfortunate that we have these sort of episodes taking place," Senator Jim Tomes said. "Rarely a week goes by where we don't hear about something like this. I don't know if it's a testament to society and the changes of behavior or what."

Indiana Congressman Larry Bucshon also reacted to the shooting. He said had it not been for Capitol police, the incident would probably have been much worse. He say's he's thankful it wasn't. Although Bucshon wasn't in Virginia, he said he's praying for all the people who were involved.

"We want to try and make the lives of the American people better, and I think that is a good message for today," Congressman Bucshon said. "That we are caring people and on a day like today it makes us realize our political differences may be there, but we certainly can continue to work together and try and find common ground for on behalf of everyone."

Buschon said he will be at the Congressional baseball game tomorrow.

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