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Local man walking the entire Appalachian Trail


It's no walk in the park. One man from the Tri-State is hiking the entire Appalachian trail. 

He reached a milestone this week, the halfway point.

"Even though you're by yourself, it's still both hand in the air and you just tell yourself, yup, I did it," says Clay Bourne.

Clay Bourne is from Mount Vernon, Indiana. He retired last year and hit the trail in March. He'll be walking the entire 2,181 miles. 
He started at Springer Mountain, Georgia. 
After walking for more than 90 days, he's just past Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 
We got him on the phone Wednesday morning and he tells us, he originally wanted to do it, just to try it.
Now, he's continuing on for entirely different reasons.

"It's not just about me trying to do this," says Bourne, "it's the inspirational things that people have done for me, I don't think I can quit now. I would have to be hurt to quit."

Not only is Bourne battling the terrain, but he's had some close calls with things like storms and rattlesnakes. 
He says one of the most challenging parts of the trail has been consuming enough calories everyday. 
So far, he's lost 42 pounds, but he's still in good health and is pushing through to the end. 
Clay is expected to be back home in August. We'll continue to follow his story.

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