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10-yr-old calls 911, saves grandmother's life


Summer break for a 10-year-old is typically stress-free.

But late Wednesday night, Skyler Hannan went through something that would probably give many of us anxiety.

In her sleep, Skyler's grandma reached for him telling him, "low, low."

Skyler's grandmother, Lynnette, has type-1 diabetes which is particularly had to control. She said her blood sugar levels can dip fast, giving her little or no notice. It's happened before and this time, Skyler was there to help.

During his call to 911, he told the dispatcher where they were and he took her pulse.

"I had to check where her sugar was at. When they checked it was at, what? 30?"

"If he waited any longer, it could've been a lot, a lot worse outcome," said AMR, EMT Lee Burgess.

Lee Burgess responded to that call and took Lynnette to the hospital. He said what Skyler did was awesome by letting crews know what was wrong and what to expect before they arrived.

On Friday, they gave him a backpack filled with goodies: a personalized Junior EMT badge and a certificate of recognition.

Meanwhile, his grandma is thankful he was cool under pressure.

"I probably could've died. It's scary to think about. I'm proud of him," said Lynette Brown

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