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Mt. Carmel restaurant reopening after flooding


It's called the Twin Rivers Restaurant for a reason. It's at the corner of the White and Wabash rivers. 

Flooding a few weeks ago forced the owner to use a boat just to get to it. Six inches of flooding, almost reaching the building.

"When we boated in, it was almost to the top of the steps. Just a couple of more inches and it would have been in the back of the kitchen," said owner Tally Wyatt. 

Those water levels forced them to empty their inventory, and clean up all the debris and slush. The owner says this has happened all eight years they've been in business. Cleaning up flood damage is a yearly expense.  

"You have to plan ahead of time and try to cut back on your trucks. Three or four days of cleanup and prep to get back in is pretty hard," Wyatt said. 

Most of the water has subsided, leaving one of the two roads to the restaurant open.

Twin Rivers will reopen on Sunday. 

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