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North Main St. Business owner says he's moving because of construction


Martin Sales and Vacuum Service opened up on North Main Street more than 50 years ago.

The construction the owner sees out his storefront every day, all part of a plan to revitalize Jacobsville. But Dwayne Martin says it's pushing customers away.

"You really gotta zig-zag in and out to get here." says Owner, Martin Sales & Service, Dwayne Martin.

Construction started in August. with plans for a cycle path, off street parking and new lighting. Martin says his business started to feel the pinch when the work crept closer to his store. That was about 6 months ago.

"Without having our own parking lot and the spaces taken away, our customers need parking or close parking," Martin explained. "Not a block and a half, three blocks away."

Martin says he likes working in Jacobsville, but its time for a change..that's why he's moving a mile down the road. 

City officials tell us the project should be complete by the fall.

Other Main Street business owners are waiting it out.

"I'm pretty upbeat about it. I know it takes- you gotta have some pain to get the gain. Just hold your breath, it's coming, a little at a time." says Daily's Bakery Owner, Darla Smith.

Meanwhile, Martin, whose store sits across the street says he plans to move into his new location by July at the corner of Columbia and Fifth.

"I understand why they think it's a better idea, but it just doesn't work for us."

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