Local girl and her baby sister are in limelight with a video gone viral

Local girl and her baby sister are in limelight with a video gone viral

HENDERSON CO., KY (WFIE) - A Henderson County girl and her baby sister are in the limelight with a video gone viral.

It's already grabbed the attention of more than 350,000 people in the first 24 hours it was posted.

Nine-year-old Allie Skaggs and her baby sister Ashlyn are inseparable.

All that love has touched thousands of hearts on social media.

The sisters' mom posted a video of Allie singing to her baby sis, who reacts with a sleepy smile bringing Allie to tears.

"I was singing the Circle Life from Lion King," explained Allie. "The day before that I was in honor's choir, and I just wanted to sing it to her and see how she reacted," she said. "I know that I make her smile a lot."

The video has been seen by nearly 400,000 people on Facebook in the past 48 hours. Some were so moved, they shared it, and shared it, and shared it.

"I'm glad that it touched them," Allie smiled.

Even Allie's AB Chandler Elementary fourth-grade teacher Laura Rideout made a comment on the post, said she was lucky to have Allie in her class.

"Never an unkind word that she speaks. She's a very sweet girl," said Rideout.

It's no secret now, the nine-year-old has a big heart. Even her classmates think so, too.

Allie told 14 News she's always wanted a little sister. She said the video going viral is something she'll remember for a lifetime.

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