Taking a Stand: Peace of Mind

Mental Health can be a topic many won't talk about.
Starting this week 14News will start the conversation and create awareness about this very important subject. Throughout the rest of the year, Beth Sweeney and 14 News will share stories, hear from experts, and provide resources regarding mental health.
This new station series will be titled The Peace of Mind Project.
Recently it seems that our team has been reporting on tragic news events in the Tri-State. Unfortunately, many of those stories involve mental illness. Those are the stores that we know about, but what about the ones that we don't.
According to experts, one out of four people battles a form of mental illness. It could be anxiety, depression, or eating disorders just to name a few.
It is time that we end the stigma associated with this topic and start productive conversations.
We look forward to bringing you positive stories and resources from local experts that help us better understand the signs and how to get help. We invite you to go to The Peace of Mind Project page on our website and our mobile app where you can view those stories and resources.

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