Welcome; Love From Me To You

Web Producer: Jason Bailey

First of all, I would personally like to thank you for visiting our site, 14wfie.com. We thrive on the responsibility we have to our visitors and giving them the best experience when they reach our site is our number one priority.

The location you are at now though is concerned with entertainment only.

We want to provide the best in news coverage, and we believe that we are on point with our objective, relentless pursuit of truth, justice and the American way!

The Insight and Entertainment page is our non-news counterpart, that we feel will offer a look into the minds of the people that cover the news at 14wfie.com, and what we think about when we aren't covering the news.

More or less, this is happy-hour, twenty-four seven. That dosen't mean that we didn't put our hearts and souls into this, it just means that we didn't feel honesty, decency, religion or credibility needed to be included in the entertainment page.

If I seem to have a fixation of controlled substances, back off I'm trying to get help.

You should try having an addiction and then finding out that Gneral Mills stopped making King Vitamin.

Some things are sacred and some things contribute to sterility, but no matter who you are you can still make a difference if you just believe.

I hope I haven't deterred you from continuing here, there are plenty of goodies for you to partake; music and movie reviews, relationship advice, fashion finger-pointing, recipies for toast--fresh from the toaster, who you should hate, when you should count your ducks and when you should wait until they become spokemodels for insurance companies; you know your garden variety happy-site full of heart, clovers, yellow horse shoes, rainbows and your good buddy Mr. Cuervo- there you've got a party.

I have a lot of friends, meaning I have a parking lot full of them, and it's gonna be trouble if you tell anyone. Some of my amigos will be contributing to the site to give it that certain, umpf! Just a little something different to keep you hooked.

More about them later.

Editor's note: The veiws expressed by the idiot above do not reflect those of the other new media producers, or their primary employer, or that of the facilitating owner, or the breadth of sister stations and their respective web sites.

The actions taken in response to this decree should not be violent in nature, and in no way should be directed at the author's face. Any complaints, concerns, measurements should forwarded to this email here:           @            . Thank you.

Raisin are for suckers and Vermont is for lovers.


Thanks for reading, and enjoy!