Non-Profit 'Landon's Hope' making big splash

Non-Profit 'Landon's Hope' making big splash

SEBREE, KY (WFIE) - Landon's Hope in Sebree hasn't been open for long, but they're already making their impact in this community.

In their first 10-months, they've already helped more than 8,000 people.

After losing her son Landon in a car accident last year, Tamara Moore turned an abandoned pizza shop into something much more worthwhile. A place that supplies clothing for the needy, and food for the hungry, through donations and the Tri-State Food Bank.

Moore got the idea while reading through Landon's old diaries. She says a service like this was something Landon would have always wanted.

"This is his mission statement," said Moore. "Of what he wanted to see come from the things that he could do for others."

And Moore also says, she will help anyone from anywhere.

"Anybody that comes in is my child. I don;t care if they're 12 or 50," Moore said.

Landon's Hope has only grown since it opened, with more volunteers and more locations. Now it's nearing its first anniversary, right around the time of Landon's birthday.

"I'm overwhelmed, I expected hundreds, I didn't expect thousands," Moore said.

Now Tamara's looking to expand, and open new locations in other needy areas in the Tri-State.

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