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Jasper elementary schools given two options for future


Fifth Street and Tenth Street Elementary students could soon be under one roof.

Greater Jasper Schools, Superintendent, Tracy Lorey, said the current elementary schools don't meet today's standards and they'll soon be required to find a solution.

"Fifth street and tenth street elementary schools have a lot of need in terms of just the viability of the facility itself...a lot of aging equipment...some safety security issues..both sites are plagued by water and drainage issues," said Lorey.

Lorey explained school board officials now have two options.

The school board either updates the existing buildings or builds a new school to hold per-kindergarten through fifth-grade students. Lorey said the problem with upgrading the existing buildings is that they don't have the technology infrastructure students need.

The hard costs alone would be around $20 million dollars. Lorey said if the board decides on building a new school, it won't raise taxes because the school is in a good place financially. 

"We need to act now because we need to seize the opportunity that we have," added Lorey.

Lorey also mentioned if they did build a new school there is already a 16-acre spot just north of the Jasper Middle School.

"That really would be a prime location..proximity to a current facility would be great it would shore up transportation," said Lorey.

The Greater Jasper School Corporation sent out surveys to the community to get their take on it.

Lorey explained once they get the survey results back, they will decide how to move forward. She said a decision will be made before the calendar year is over.

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