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Tamarack Elementary celebrates "Kalie Day"


It's been almost a month since teachers had to put their training into action and save one of their little one's lives. Kalie Stiles was in her classroom when her heart stopped beating. Her teachers were quick thinking and special training made sure she stayed alive until medics arrives. Since then, Kalie has been in the hospital as doctors figure out what made her code that day.

So her classmates wanted her to know just how much they miss her. Pink and purple t-shirts crowded the Daviess County Tamarack Elementary halls all in honor of Kalie Stiles. Students spent the day writing letters to send to their classmate. A teddy bear sat in her chair with pink and purple balloons. Some students, like Sophia Pospdas, wrote Kalie a poem.

"You are strong and brave. You pretend to be a pretty princess. You love smiles and hugs. You might wonder if we miss you, and we do. You keep believing in yourself. You are strong and brave, and you are everything you think you are," Pospdas says.

The school also sold specialized Kalie t-shirts to help cover medical bills. Kalie's mother says is still in the hospital but improving. 

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