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Evansville Museum preparing for the total solar eclipse


We are just over four months away from a spectacular event that's not only captivated the Tri-State but people from all over the world. 

And they're not just going anywhere in the U.S.  People from around the world are expected to come to our region to watch it.  They'll be flooding areas in the path of totality like Madisonville and Hopkinsville, Kentucky. But museum officials called the meeting Thursday because if you're ready to pick out your exact viewing spot, these next couple days will be a perfect time to do that. 

"If you want to see conditions for where you want to be and where the sun is going to be, just go outside over the next couple of days around 1:30 in the afternoon and that'll be the position of the sun. Just make sure there are no trees in the way or other obstructions," says Evansville Museum's Mitch Luman.

The eclipse isn't something that happens very often and a total eclipse hasn't happened in the Continental United States since 1979.

"Learning how to safely cover an event like this requires equipment like special filters that go over cameras which can document the event in a way that doesn't harm your camera," says Luman.

If you're going to view the eclipse without a filtered camera or telescope, make sure to protect yourself.

"The same is with the eye, the eye is like two little cameras and you're going to need eye protection too with your own peepers," says Luman.

Once you have everything you need to view the eclipse, you'll need to find that perfect spot to enjoy it. The Evansville Museum champagne bus tour to Hopkinsville is filling up fast.

"I'm happy to say at this point, 124 days out it's doing very well. It's done so well that we're planning to take two buses to Hopkinsville," says Luman.

There, they'll have the opportunity to see parts of the eclipse that can't be seen in Evansville. But no matter where you go, just make sure you don't miss it.

"It really is a grand spectacle and you can't see it on tv and you really can't experience it in a magazine or any other way. You gotta really be there and be part of the social event. It's really a once in a lifetime show," says Luman.

You can find more information about the champagne bus tour or the events at the Evansville Museum on their website.

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