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Open house Thursday for I-69 Ohio River Crossing

(I-60 Ohio River Crossing) (I-60 Ohio River Crossing)

The second of several meetings where people can get a look at proposals for a new bridge connecting Henderson and Evansville was held on Thursday night.

Members of the community were invited to attend the open house which included the ability to speak to project team members, as well as a presentation to provide an overview of the project.

We spoke to one area resident who was interested in learning more about the environmental impact a new bridge may have on local wildlife.

"I did learn a bit about, we're a little bit, a ways off from really entertaining what the environmental impacts are going to be," said Heath Hamilton, a local resident. "I do know that there are environmental laws that will protect some of these areas and that the areas that are impacted will be replaced or mitigated elsewhere."

Right now there are five options on where a new bridge will be built.

The team planning the bridge says one of the options for the bridge is to replace the Twin Bridges along Highway 41.  

There's another option parallel to 41 that they're looking into as well.  

There are two corridors behind Audubon State Park and one that would start in Newburgh.  

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