An Owensboro property condition upsets neighbors

An Owensboro property condition upsets neighbors

"This is a nice neighborhood, except for that," 17th street resident Melissa Hunter says.

She is just one of the people living in this Owensboro neighborhood that say they've had enough of one property trashing their street. These neighbors say the fenced-in lot has been collecting junk since the home burned down two years ago, and now they want the city to do something about it.

The city says it's working on making sure the property is maintained, but that can be a tricky process since there is still a structure on the lot. This is one of around 100 problem properties across the city. The city in the past made the owner put a fence around the property.

"Why do we have to live next door to the dump? It's so frustrating, and it totally takes away any enjoyment of being outside. It really does," Hunter says.

Neighbors say as the summer heats up, the property will really start to smell and become a home to bugs.

"I want this gone. I want it cleaned up. I want the grass cut. The grass out front has gone to seed. They haven't mowed one time. I want it gone. We all do," Hunter says.

The city says it's issued notices to the owner.  The city came and  posted one on the fence as 14 news was reporting the story. The city says if things don't change soon, the property owner will be cited with a fine.