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Evansville mother ready for Boston Marathon after months of vigorous training


The Boston Marathon is just days away and when the 121st-running begins on Monday, the city of Evansville will be well represented.

A total of 15 people from Evansville is traveling to Boston this weekend. One of those runners is Alisha Wargel, who will compete in her first running of the Boston Marathon.

Wargel and the other runners have trained together leading up to the race, which she says is a great opportunity to talk to those who have raced in the event previously.

"There's training groups specifically, for the people who are running Boston, they will get together and do workouts," Wargel explained. "I have asked several of them that have gone before, some of them it's their third, fourth, fifth time, I have asked them several questions about what to expect and everything so that has helped a lot."

She has been running her entire life, making marathons her mission.

"'I guess I just loved it from the beginning," said Wargel. "I don't want to let myself down and also all of the hard training that I put in, every time I go to the starting line I am well prepared."

Wargel runs for herself, but she also runs for her two sons.

"I want to be a good role model for my sons and show them that hard work and determination pays off," Wargel explained.

Alisha has run a total of seven marathons, and in 2013 won the Carmel Marathon. The winning feeling she felt in 2013, is one she will never forget. 

'"It's like the best feeling in the world when you cross that finish line, just to break that finish-tape," said Wargel.

The training for a marathon can be intense. In order to prepare for the for the 26.2-mile trek, Wargel spent 14-to-15-weeks training.

"I'm running like five-to-six-days a week, anywhere from 45-to-60-miles a week," Wargel said. "With a long run every Saturday anywhere from 14-20 [miles] and then two hard workouts."

And Wargel says, she could not put all the time into training without her husband, who is her biggest fan.

"It's huge, I couldn't do it without the support of him," Wargel explained.

Wargel has qualified in previous years for the Boston Marathon, but she finally decided to give it a shot and there is one thing she can't wait to do. 

"Just crossing the finish line at the world's oldest and most prestigious marathon," said Wargel.

Wargel finished the marathon with a time of 03:48:42, and placed 9090th overall.

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