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Dozens of Carmi-White High School students sick after prom


Dozens of Carmi-White County High School students got sick after prom. 

Tim Knight takes care of a foreign exchange student that went to the Carmi High School Prom Saturday night. Knight said she woke up sick on Monday morning.

"It's kind of disappointing that something like this would happen," said Tim Knight.

Knight said he knows another student who went to the hospital and who was diagnosed with food poisoning.

Concerned parents on social media suspected the food at the pre-prom dinner hosted by the New Harmony Inn Resort and Conference Center.

"When I first heard it, I contacted the health authorities immediately," said Peter Nowotny.

General Manager Peter Nowotny is confident it was not their food that caused the students to get sick. 

"I believe if it's really food poisoning you would know within eight hours," said Nowotny.

Nowotny said Saturday night, the conference center also served 25 of its own employees the same food and none of them have gotten sick. 

"I realize that the parents are very concerned about the welfare of their children and their loved ones and of course everybody else. And we are equally concerned because our reputation is on the line," added Nowotny.

A health inspector stopped by to investigate Wednesday.

"So far it is inconclusive and basically what they said is we have a mystery on our hands, they're not really sure what it is but somehow they ruled out food poisoning," said Nowotny.

Students were also asked to complete surveys from the public health department to help with the investigation. 

Some not only had the pre-prom dinner but also had catered food at an after-prom party which was included in that survey.

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