Festival Safety: Don't Get Burned

Web Producer: Jason Bailey

St. Mary's is making preperations keep visitors safe from the heat and sun.

St. Mary's Thunder Medical Team will be on hand during the Freedom Festival to offer emergency assistance but they are also advising visitors to take precautions in the heat.

Even though they expect the heat to be moderate, some basic steps could prepare you for increased temperatures and prolonged periods in the sun.

Dr. Gerald Godfrey, St. Mary's Thunder Medical Chairman, says visitors should be prepared for hotter temperatures and extended periods of time in the sun, by drinking lots of water.

"We want to recommend drinking plenty of liquids but go light on the caffeine and alcohol because they tend to dehydrate you," says Godfrey.

"Make sure you try to keep the kids that are under 6-months at home, but make sure that you put sunscreen on everybody that comes down, and to re-apply it."

The medical staff will also have stations on Court Street, and at the Four Freedoms Monument