Family of Aleah Beckerle privatizing Facebook group

Family of Aleah Beckerle privatizing Facebook group

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - With all the new developments in the Aleah Beckerle case, social media has been buzzing, her family says it hasn't all been positive.

They privatized the "Bring Aleah Home" Facebook group after growing tired of rumors spreading all over the page. Aleah's great aunt Laura was the last family member to post to the page Sunday, writing that some of the comments have gotten out of hand.

The seemingly endless stream of posts has forced admins to monitor the page more. They have deleted most of the negative comments.

Now all posts by non-admins must be approved before appearing. An admin can decide which posts allow comments and which ones won't.

They say some of the comments have been damaging, particularly towards the family. That's what forced their administrators to close the group to members only.

When we spoke with Aleah's Grandmother Kacy back on Friday, she told me the comments have cut deep, especially for Aleah's mother Cara.

"The lies and the rumors I'm done with caring about that It's garbage what social media has done to Cara. The coroner told me he said tell me not to look at it and don't you look at it. He said there's gonna be lies don't believe anything you hear on there," says Kacy Beckerle.

That group has grown rapidly over the past week. Last we checked it has over 8,000 members.

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