Aleah Beckerle to have her own plaza at Fields of Honor

Aleah Beckerle to have her own plaza at Fields of Honor
Aleah Beckerle memorial bricks(WFIE)

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Right next to the future location of the Greater Evansville Ball Hall of Fame building sits a Field of Honor with several different engraved bricks of people's names from all over the Tri-State.

As Tim Turpin and his family continue work in the area, they decided they also want to create a plaza on the field to honor Aleah Beckerle.

Though Aleah already has a brick in the Tri-State Fans, Friends, and Family Plaza, the goal is for her to have her own plaza within the Fields of Honor.

"What we want to do is build a 12 by 12 plaza in the shape of a heart," organizer Tim Turpin said. "Where people can buy bricks and the money goes towards her funeral expenses and in return, it will give her a lasting memorial. It's more about the memory of Aleah more than anything."

Turpin says 4x8 bricks will be a $20 donation and 8x8 bricks will be a $50 donation. All of the proceeds will go toward Aleah's funeral expenses.

"People can 'IMO Aleah' and then put their family name or business name or whatever they want because she touched a lot of hearts in the Tri-State," Turpin said.

Work on the building and in the area continues, but we're told Aleah's plaza will be right near the road where people can see it as they drive by, and at any time, they can visit her memorial.

Diamond Yards Bricks will donate all the Engraved Bricks. 101 Landscaping will eventually build Aleah's Heart Brick Plaza.

If you're interested in purchasing a brick to help with funeral expenses, contact Tim Turpin at 812-430-2725 or email

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