Timeline of the week Aleah Beckerle's body was found, arrest made

Timeline of the week Aleah Beckerle's body was found, arrest made

(WFIE) - On Monday, March 27 Evansville police received a tip about a body found in a vacant home on South Bedford avenue. On Wednesday, March 29, the remains were identified as those of Aleah Beckerle.

"Now that we've found her, I can say that I'm going to move on to the next phase, and I'm not going to stop," said EPD Detective Brent Melton.

On Friday, three days later, the family of Aleah Beckerle broke their silence and spoke exclusively with 14 News.

"Cara Beckerle called me hysterically; we found out noonish. She cried hysterically till about five in the morning," said Kacy Beckerle, Aleah's grandmother. "She didn't deserve this; so we'll never hear her smile we'll never hear the laugh, we can't hug her. Cara's like, I can never hold my baby again."

A few hours later, officials made an announcement.

"We have come to announce what we have all hoped for such a long time," said EPD Captain Andy Chandler. "The person we believe to be responsible for the abduction and death of Aleah Beckerle."

Authorities arrested Terrance Roach after they say he confessed to taking Aleah from her home. Police then charged him with kidnapping and murder.

Later that evening, the police arrested Deion Eastwood for threatening people outside the house where Aleah was found.

Officers say Eastwood is Roach's stepbrother.

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