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Investigation continues after decomposed body found inside vacant home


More than 24 hours later, police are still parked out front of a vacant home in the 1600 block of South Bedford Avenue.

According to police, a decomposed body was found inside late Monday. That body is now at the Coroner's Office where an autopsy is planned for Wednesday.

And police say, until the autopsy, there's no way to know how long the person has been dead or even whether it's male or female.

Evansville police have been protecting the front and back entrances to the house where that body was found.

How did police even know to search this house? That is one of the questions we asked Officer Phil Smith. We also wanted to know what else they found and if they think this could be missing Evansville teen Aleah Beckerle.

Officer Smith said there is no way to know until the autopsy.

"Just like with any investigation that we have going on, if there's any activity that they see, we always encourage people to say something if they see something, that's what we have to go on at this time," Officer Smith explained.

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