Neighbors react to decomposing body found in Evansville home

Neighbors react to decomposing body found in Evansville home

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Social media erupted when news broke that Evansville police found a decomposing body inside a house on the 1600 block of South Bedford Ave.

Many speculated that this could be a number of missing people from the Tri-State, including Aleah Beckerle, the woman who went missing from her home on East Iowa St. in July of 2016.

Our crews spent a majority of the day on Bedford Avenue talking to neighbors about their reaction to police discovering the body. The McDowell's, who say they have lived right across the street from the home for decades, tell us they are concerned with the number of blighted homes in the area, saying it invites more crime.

Wesley McDowell told us this isn't the first time police have checked out the home.

"The police have been there countless occasions--drug activity. Because, they sneak in the back, and they know we'll call in on them. It's not their (police) first rodeo going into that house," Wesley said.

Another resident, Doris Mathis, lives several doors down from the blighted house.

"That house been abandoned over six to seven years, and I been here for two and a half," Mathis said. "So, I never seen nobody living there, walking in there, or going, or coming out."

Our crews watched as EPD detectives went door to door asking neighbors what they've seen. One neighbor told us the detective specifically asked him if he had seen anything with that house since June of last year.

"I hope it wasn't Aleah, you know, that was my first thought," Charon McDowell said. "Either that, or I thought somebody's done crashed in there and OD'd."

Coroner Steve Lockyear tells us the autopsy is scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday.

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