EPD on Aleah Beckerle case: 'This is not a cold case'

EPD on Aleah Beckerle case: 'This is not a cold case'

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - It's been more than eight months and still no sign of Aleah Beckerle.

The now 20-year-old wheelchair bound girl was reported missing from her Iowa Street home in July.

Evansville police haven't classified the case as a search and rescue or a recovery mission. That's because they say they haven't received any information to indicate she's not still alive.

Since Aleah went missing, police have filtered through hundreds of tips, searching near Highway 69, apartment complexes in Evansville and Henderson, and a landfill in Pike County.

Sgt. Jason Cullum tells us as time goes on, the tips the get become less frequent but they still follow up on with the same resources they used originally.

"This case is not cold. It's not as active as it was in the beginning, but it is not a cold case that's been put in a box and on a shelf somewhere," said Cullum. "Somebody knows what happened to Aleah and it's just a matter of time before we get that piece of information we need to move forward in this investigation."

Cullum says they try to reach out as often as they can to Aleah's family and the lead detective originally assigned to the case is still on it.

This week, two Evansville women were sentenced for their parts in a scheme to beat a man into a false confession in the case.

Debra Wollner was sentenced to three years electronic home detention. Donna Robertson, who is Aleah's cousin and Wollner's girlfriend, will also serve three years home detention after she finished her time behind bars.

"There's nothing I can do or say about Debbie and Donna, that's not going to make a difference," said Aleah's grandmother,  Lydia LaRue. "My main focus is Aleah. We know where they're at, Debbie and Donna. We don't know where Aleah is at. That's my main priority, finding her. To know where she's at and to just have her back. We want her back home."

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