Late season snowfall could be dangerous

Late season snowfall could be dangerous

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - Law enforcement officers say even though we may not see a lot of snow, it could still make roads slick.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Corey King says people tend to forget how to drive when snow falls. He says it's important to remember the basic driving tips when there's snow.

Increase your distance between cars. Also, be aware of those roads that are in shady areas. If they're not getting any sun, the danger of black ice increases.

Bridges and overpasses can also be dangerous, but the big thing Trooper King says if you can avoid going outside, stay in.

"The mindset has already gone from winter to already spring and rightfully so," said King. "Even the foliage is already geared towards spring but when we've seen the snowfall that's been missing or that late snowfall like in spring snowfall, that's when we see the majority of wrecks, injury wrecks, and fatality wrecks and that's going to be our main concern, the focus of this weekend."

King says the positive to this snowfall is that it could fall on a Saturday when fewer people are commuting.

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