High electric bills at Windy Hollow campgrounds

High electric bills at Windy Hollow campgrounds

DAVIESS CO., KY (WFIE) - The co-owner of Windy Hollow Campground in Daviess County says she's ready for a change after paying up for a high Kenergy bill this last year.

Sharon Castle says she's owned the campgrounds for 17 years now, but this is the highest she's seen the bill. She said it was nearly a third of the income made from the grounds.

She has questions she says she wants to be answered and found a way for that to happen by going through the process to join the board of directors.

Castle turned 33 signatures in and now has to wait and see if she is accepted.

Kenergy claims one reason for the high bills many have seen this year is due to the weather.

Castle says this position would give her the chance to be a voice for the people to Kenergy.

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