Three Tri-State cemeteries to close, new policy in place for burials

Three Tri-State cemeteries to close, new policy in place for burials

MOUNT VERNON, Ind. (AP) - It's the one place you never think will close: a cemetery. There are at least three in Posey County where there are now "no burials" orders in place.

Marrs Township's Trustee has implemented a new policy called "No Burials Without Written Consent," after seeing one headstone removed at Calvin Cemetery on Layer Road in Mount Vernon last spring.

Whoever moved the headstone at the cemetery didn't notify Marrs Township Trustee Christina Seifert.

If it's happened more than once, Seifert, a new trustee, is worried she may accidentally authorize a burial in a spot where someone is already laid to rest.

Hence, the "No Burials Without Written Consent" policy.

Department of National Resources' Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology officials recommended to Seifert to indefinitely close Calvin, Old Union, and West Franklin cemeteries.

Seifert tells us many plots haven't been recorded in the past, making it difficult for Seifert to determine who has paid for the plots and who hasn't.

Seifert tells us it's unclear whether she, as township trustee or the county is responsible for maintaining cemeteries that aren't owned by churches.

She's also hoping for more maintenance funding or volunteers, like Boy Scouts, to help upkeep the sites.

Under the new policy, the only people who are allowed to be buried at the three locations are those who can prove they've paid for a specific plot.

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