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Service dog saves veteran


One man avoided going into a coma Tuesday night thanks to his dog.

Michael Barrentine says he avoided the hospital and a coma because of his service dog Gunner.

Ballentine is an Iraq war veteran and a severe diabetic. He says his blood sugars bottomed out on Tuesday night while he slept.   

All of a sudden, Barrentine says he woke up to Gunner aggressively licking his face.

"He's picking up on chemical imbalances in my body. That's, you know when he wakes me from nightmares, he knows because adrenaline starts pumping through my body," Barrentine told us. "He actually can catch my blood sugars changing before my body would even pick it up."

We found out it's the third time Gunner's alerted him to low blood sugars like this.

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