Warrick Co. family vacation home vandalized after remodeling

Warrick Co. family vacation home vandalized after remodeling
Vacation home(WFIE)
Vacation home(WFIE)
Everything was misplaced and thrown around(WFIE)
Everything was misplaced and thrown around(WFIE)

WARRICK CO., IN (WFIE) - One family recently lost a summer's worth of work.

Ty Green and his family say they finished remodeling their summer home at Yellowbanks Campground in Selvin last year.  They winterized it in December and returned for the first time last weekend to find their relaxing getaway destroyed.

For the past four years, Tyrone Green, his wife, and his four kids enjoyed spending time at their vacation home. Although they live in Newburgh, they often find themselves at the other end of the county at their summer home in Selvin.

"I told my wife we probably need to check on the home," Green said.

When he got there, he knew something wasn't right.

"When I first walked in, this door right here was actually wide open, just like it is right now," Green said. "That's when I said oh my gosh, somebody has been in our house."

Green said he could hardly believe his eyes.

"About this part right here," Green said, "I screamed out to my wife.. call 911 I think we have been robbed because as you walk into the living room there is normally speakers."

It turns out someone had broken into the families vacation home and completely trashed it.  The family spent $30,000 on repairs.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing at first and the more I kept looking at it, my shock turned into being mad and then anger and then ever more anger, and it's very devastating," Green said.

Since the incident, the family has installed a security system in the home in hopes of catching the person responsible, but according to deputies, they believe they know who is behind this.

"It was juveniles that had done the damage, and their parents will be responsible for making the repairs," Warrick County Sheriff Kruse said.

We're told five juveniles are responsible for the incident.

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