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Adult obesity rate higher in Vanderburgh Co. compared to state average


Nobody wants to be told they're fat, but Purdue Extension educators gave a crowd some unpleasant facts to chew on tonight.
They say the obesity rate in Vanderburgh County is higher than the state's average. But there's still time to turn those numbers around.  Right now, adults in southern Indiana are more likely to be overweight than the average Hoosier.  And Purdue Extension officials say there are several reasons.  For starters, not enough places to hike and bike.  

Purdue educators say more bike routes would give people more places to exercise.  Another problem? Access to healthy food.  They noticed - many local grocery stores are on the edge of town and it's a lot easier to access fast food. 

Tonight, they're asking neighbors for help reaching their goal: lowering childhood obesity in the community by 18 percent over the next three years. They want to partner with neighborhood groups to teach nutrition education, gardening, and to show families how to live healthier lives.
The goal? To get to kids first, helping them create new, healthy habits that will last into adulthood. They'll do that by starting in after-school programs and day cares.

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