Insight For Sore Eyes

Reporter: Shannon Samson

Web Producer: Jason Bailey

About thirty-thousand cases of corneal ulcers are diagnosed each year, a condition that can cause blindness.

One underlying cause is the lack of care given to contact lenses.

Ophthalmologist Shahzad Mian outlines some sight-saving tips to prevent corneal infections. Doctor Mian says, "It is best not to ever sleep in the contact lenses."

Mian adds, "Extended-wear lenses do not imply that patients should be sleeping in them."

Mian cites the maintenance of contact lenses, specifically how you clean and store them, is just as important.

"Water should never be used, because tap water can be contaminated with bacteria or parasites, which can lead to very serious problems."

The same goes for using saliva to wet lenses.

Also, clean contact lense cases regularly with hot water and replace them about every three months.

Eye drops can help the situation, but prolonged misuse of contacts, wearing them past the recommended period of time and wearing them while you sleep can lead to serious problems.

Corneal transplants are necessary when the problem isn't caught in time.