Smile Like You Mean It

Reporter: Shannon Samson

Web Producer: Jason Bailey

As the Executive Director of Keep Evansville Beautiful, Kalah Georgette Jerstad did a lot of public speaking, something she wasn't always comfortable with because of her smile. She had bad experiences at the dentist as a child kept her from going back.

Glenn Norton, D.M.D., Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist says that people will become hesitant when they don't know about the outcome. 

"It's the fear of the unknown that is the issue, people are afraid of what they think it's going to be like, not what it's really like," says Norton.

Jerstadt had old crowns that needed updating, but needed work on her uneven gum line.

A periodontist did the gum work and after it healed, she came back to see Doctor Norton who took impressions and had a diagnostic wax-up made, which is a mold of what her smile will eventually look like.

Then, he made a temporary set of crowns that she'll wear for a few days to essentially test drive before sending off for permanent ones.

Norton says, "It's not like the old days where it just got sent, an impression was taken and it just got sent and whatever you got back with it was a surprise, there are no surprises anymore."

After Doctor Norton removes her old crowns, he shapes her natural teeth with a drill to prepare for the new ones.

After several hours in the chair, she's finally ready to try on her new smile.

In a few weeks, she'll have her permanent crowns which will have a more polychromatic, natural color. Soon she'll start bleaching her bottom teeth to match the top.

"I've always wanted great teeth, I really have, so this is like a dream," says Jerstadt.

I n addition to six crowns, Kalah had two veneers put on as well. Those just cover the front of the teeth, whereas the crowns cover the entire tooth.