Taking a Stand: Logan's Promise

My name is Charles Brown and I am part of the non-profit organization, Logan's Promise.
On March 14, 2015 my life changed forever.
On that day, my son, Logan Brown lost his life to a drunk driver. Words can never properly express the overwhelming loss our family and community has sustained - and the everlasting pain knowing I lost my son because of someone else's poor choice.
Because of my experience, Logan's Promise was formed with a mission to encourage engagement from within the community. We aim to spread the understanding and actions necessary to control drinking and driving while increasing awareness of these problems. We are not a crusade against alcohol consumption.
We simply wish to prevent drinking and driving, to assist the community when such incidents occur and to encourage the means of prevention of drinking and driving in the future.
To break the cycle, we must realize it starts at home with our future generations. Logan's Promise is committed to educating the community with the power of choice and rewarding students with scholarships for being committed to the mission.
If you desire to be a part of the change you seek, please visit us at Loganspromise.org or search for Logan's Promise on Facebook.

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