Avian Flu incident-1 year later

Avian Flu incident-1 year later

DUBOIS CO., IN (WFIE) - It was a devastating blow to farmers and families in Dubois County. One year ago, a deadly strain of bird flu wiped out years of work.

It was January 15 last year when one Dubois County farmer was hit with the news.

Turkeys at his farm somehow contracted a highly contagious strain of the Avian Flu. One day later, 9 more farms were infected.

State, federal and local agencies rushed in to help. In the end, more than 400,000 turkeys and chickens had to be killed.

We reached out to Purdue extension educator, Ken Eck. He says those farms are back to normal operations. 455,000 turkeys are back in those 10 different farms.

However, those farmers took a loss.

Some of their money has been replaced. Half went to the owners and half went to the farmers through USDA funds.

There is no word on exactly how much each farms lost but, in all, Dubois County spent close to $25,000 fighting this epidemic.

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