ISP Sergeant's emoji game is on fire

ISP Sergeant's emoji game is on fire

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Indiana State Police are saying so much more than what will normally fit in 140 characters.

If you follow Sgt. Todd Ringle on Twitter, you've probably noticed his increased use of emojis.

Not to be biased, but his emoji game is pretty on point.

Sgt. Ringle is from the Evansville post, but troopers from across the state are also joining in.

Sgt. Ringle told 14 News an officer in South Carolina started the whole thing, and he actually didn't like it at first.

He said the trend was picked up by the new public information officer at the Indianapolis post, so he decided to take a closer look.

Sgt. Ringle noticed more retweeting with the emoji filled posts, so gave it a try. He said people seem to enjoy it, and he can say more in a single tweet.

Sgt. Philip Hensley from the Jasper post is joining in on the fun too.

The tweets do take some more time to compose, but twitter followers seem to think it's worth it.

"The young kids have even called me hip," said Sgt. Ringle.

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