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Former Whirlpool employee skeptical of Carrier deal


The carrier deal may have saved 1,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs, but analysts say the industry is still in trouble and has been for a long time. 

Just ask any of the hundreds of Whirlpool workers who lost their jobs when the refrigerator maker shuttered its plant to Mexico.

Former employees have been watching the Carrier deal unfold closely.

When Whirlpool officials broke the news in 2009, it changed people's lives forever, like Barbara Reich's.

"Blue collar Americans and high school graduates needed those jobs," Barbara Reich explained. "Some people started crying, some people started cussing, we were all very upset."

Just this week, news of Trump's Carrier deal hit Reich, understandably, on a personal level.

She's skeptical that Carrier managers will do the same Whirlpool did to so many families in the Tri-State. Moving a number of jobs across borders in small increments.

"I believe that they have not saved the jobs," said Reich. "They've delayed the loss of the jobs. Well, give them two years and see where those jobs are, because Whirlpool did not move all at one time.  They moved 400 jobs out, 600 jobs out moved some equipment out."

Reich started at Whirlpool in 1992, when almost 4,000 employees worked there. When the company dropped the news it would be leaving in 2009, it employed as few as 300.

"In my opinion, Carrier will hold those jobs there for a year or two, and then suddenly something else happens. The focus of the public's attention goes off that area, and then they move out 400 jobs more, move out 500 jobs more."

Reich is hoping that Carrier keeps its promise, and the state incentives and possible business tax cuts will still be enough to make the company stay.

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