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50 New Jobs coming to Dawson Springs


Wink Equipment in Dawson Springs is now expanding to manufacture new semi trailers. It will require at least 50 new workers to make it happen. 

We're told the 69,000 square foot facility will turn out 400 to 600 aluminum side-dump trailers every year, starting next year.

These side dump trailers will weigh roughly 1 to 2 tons less than steel frameless dump trailers which will save on fuel cost. 

The owners say there's already high demand. As for the jobs, we're told, you don't need any prior education or certification to apply. 

"Jobs are actually the economic backbone of your economy and we have been working for quite a while to get this plant working again," says Dawson Springs Mayor Jenny Sewell. 

The company should have its first semi-trailer complete in January 2017. 

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