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County spent 25K during Avian Flu response


There is new information on the Avian Flu response efforts from earlier this year in Dubois County.

We've learned just how much it cost locally and Nationally to fight a highly-contagious strain of the bird flu found on one farm.

Nine other farms were infected with a low-pathogenic strain of the bird flu after a highly contagious strain was found on that first farm.

In the end, more than 400,000 turkeys and chickens were killed. In total, Dubois County spent close to 25,000 dollars fighting the epidemic.

Director of the Dubois County EMA, Tammy Humbert, says more than 30 local agencies responded to this incident.

At a County Council meeting, Humbert let members know those funds were reimbursed by the state.

So, how was the money spent? From equipment to paying staff and contractors. However, that's nothing compared to the 30 million dollars spent by the USDA.

Humbert says funds from the Government helped farmers rebuild.

"It's already set. It's already pre-set. Those dollars are already pre-set for an event of an animal health emergency," says Humbert. "So yeah, some of that thirty million dollars would be reimbursement to those farmers that lost their birds."

Those 25,000 dollars goes back into the County's rainy day fund.

We're told every farmer involved in the Avian Flu incident has gone through a process of having a flock of birds come through their farms and out to market.

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