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Devastating loss of Brazilian soccer team felt from thousands of miles away


We are learning more about the plane crash that killed more than 70 people in Colombia.

Investigators have recovered two black boxes from the crash site near Medellin, Colombia. The chartered plane, carrying a Brazilian professional soccer team and 21 journalists crashed while on its way to the finals of a South American championship.

Only six people were able to survive the crash.

South America's federation canceled all scheduled matches in a show of solidarity.

University of Southern Indiana (USI) soccer player Pedro Castro, a Brazilian native, woke up to dozens of text messages from friends and family back home. Everyone, he says, is devastated.

Castro, the Screaming Eagles' forward, returns to Brazil at least once a year. When he makes the trip later this month, he will see a community mourning the loss of dozens who died in Monday night's plane crash.

Chapecoense Football Club from Brazil was set to play a team in the first round of the South American Cup finals Wednesday. A cinderella performance this season tragically came to an end.

"Just shocked," Castro explained. "You don't expect for that to happen."  

Castro says soccer has come to define Brazil. So, the loss of this team is a loss to the entire country.

"Especially to a team that is going to compete internationally and... all of a sudden," said Castro.

He texted friends he knows who live in Chapeco, Brazil, the state the team calls home. His friend telling him her college classes were somber today. Total silence in lecture halls while people there process what happened.

Castro, a sport, a culture, and a lifestyle, which means so much to a nation, all in mourning. 

"We pretty much breathe soccer. It's what we love to do," said Castro. "Everybody plays it. Everybody talks about it. Everybody watches it. Today all Brazilians are from Chapeco. Today, everybody is united in heart."

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