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Tri-State family claims they were kicked off American Airlines flight


A vacation is supposed to be a relaxing getaway and it was for Amy Weasel and her family.

They spent theirs last week in Myrtle Beach. That was until they boarded their third and last flight home to Carmi from Charlotte.

"It was a very unpleasant experience," says Amy.

That's because they were told their 110-pound service dog, "Chug" who's by her 12-year-old son, Bryant's side everywhere he goes wouldn't fit on the plane.

Bryant suffers from a rare form of Epilepsy and "Chug" is trained to alert people when something is wrong.

Amy tells us weeks before the trip, she lined everything up with American Airlines. Talking to an agent about her son and their dog's needs.

They were assigned specific seating in the front of the plane, then, this happened.

"The flight attendant came up to me right away and told me I could not sit there," said Amy. "I thought, there must be some misunderstanding."

Amy says she was told to pick a new seat. She says they even tried to get their 110-pound dog to lay under the seats.

Flight attendants told her that wouldn't work.

"It was confusing, I was second-guessing myself," explained Amy. "Thinking, why would they sit us here if this isn't where we're supposed to be."

After a lot of shuffling around, her family was asked to leave. Amy filed a complaint with American Airlines, who apologized and offered vouchers towards another flight.

She says she probably won't use them. But she hopes telling this story brings awareness and education about service animals and the important work they do. 

"People are under the impression that service dogs only come in certain sizes and breeds," said Amy. "That's certainly not the case."

Amy tells us her son Bryant is now in a clinical trial for medical marijuana which, she says, has been really successful.

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