Sunrise School Spirit helps local food pantries make a difference

Sunrise School Spirit helps local food pantries make a difference

MT. VERNON, IN (WFIE) - The tens of thousands of pounds of food collected through Sunrise School Spirit all go to the Tri-State Food Bank.

But the cans and boxes could end up at any of the non-profit's 250 partner agencies in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. Part of the batch in the video is on its way to River Bend Food Pantry in Mt. Vernon, Indiana.

Director Kimberly Conlin says about 600 people rely on the pantry in the old Hedges Central School building each month.

"We know that this food is going to go to needy families right here in Posey County," Kimberly Colin said.

Mt. Vernon High School specifically asked for part of its Sunrise School Spirit haul to come to River Bend.

In addition to their monthly Tri-State Food Bank supplies, Kimberly and her crew have around another thousand pounds to offer people like Amanda.

"It's an incredibly huge help for me," Amanda said.

She needs the pantry to help feed her four kids, but even they realize the importance of giving back.

Raiding one pantry, to fill another through Sunrise School Spirit.

"I think it says a lot for our community. I believe we are a very close community," Amanda said. "Any time any of us, whether it be an individual family or something, the food pantry needs help, I believe we come together and we always come through no matter what."

People often think of the holidays as a reason to help.

But Kimberly and Amanda know hunger is a problem all year long.

"People that come in the door are working moms, they're working families, they're working dads. They're people who are maybe going through an illness," Kimberly said. "There are all sorts of reasons that people come into a food pantry and I think it's important that we are here to support them when they do."

"I think the truth of the matter is no matter walk of life you come from, no matter who you are, whether it's food help or housing help or whatever I believe everybody at some point in their life needs help," Amanda said.

That's why Sunrise School Spirit exists. It may not eliminate hunger, but it is making a difference.

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