Taking a Stand: Importance of voting

Taking a Stand: Importance of voting

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - My name is Laura Rusk and I'm a senior at the Randall T. Shepard Leadership and Law Academy.

I'm Taking a Stand on the importance of voting.

Of all the responsibilities we have as U.S. citizens, voting has to be the most important.

And I'm not just talking about showing up on Election Day. Once you turn the magic age of 18, it becomes your civic duty to educate yourself on each candidate and choose which one you believe would best fit the role and serve our country while upholding the United States Constitution.

Although the Presidential Election seems to be the most important election this year, don't forget all of your local, state and federal candidates when you go to the polls. Those are JUST as important!

It took five Amendments and 100 years to end voter discrimination, so take the advantage to exercise your right! After all, it is your civic duty.

Election Day is November 8th. I want YOU to cast your vote!