Taking a Stand: Ability City

Taking a Stand: Ability City

(WFIE) - October is Disability Employment Awareness Month and earlier this week Mayor Lloyd Winnecke announced that the city of Evansville is officially being recognized as an Ability City.

The announcement was made during an event held by the Old National Bank Abilities First Associate Resource Group. 
 An Ability City means the city is committed to supporting the employment of everyone, regardless of disabilities. We will soon see signs posted around town as part of this initiative.

Including those with disabilities into the workforce and taking special steps to ensure they have the same opportunities as everyone else is a must.

I applaud the efforts of the mayor and Old National Bank who are taking on this important initiative.

You can find out more regarding this and an action that's been launched to change the current disabilities symbol here on 14news.com or changethesign.com.

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