Cougars fire up for homecoming with Sunrise School Spirit

MCLEAN CO., KY (WFIE) - The McLean County Cougars usually save the fog machine for Friday night home football games. But this week, they had it going at 6 a.m. to start their Sunrise School Spirit pep rally.

"Everybody's hyped. We got homecoming, we got the game, we got this. Everybody's ready," said freshman Cidney Willoughby.

"It's going to be intense. Student section's gonna be crazy, crazy," added junior Adam Clark.

The Cougars play rival Hancock County Friday for homecoming.

During the pep rally, students played wacky games, watched a live art show and showed off their best dance moves. They even picked up their principal before covering him in slime.

"There's been pep rallies, but nothing like this. This was crazy," explained freshman Anne Marie Hayes.

"I enjoyed all of it, loved seeing everybody out this early, especially this early. It was just a wonderful thing," Clark said.

The McLean County community collected 11,703 pounds of food of drinks for the Tri-State Food Bank, the McLean County Help Office and God's House of Hope.

"Me and some of my buddies were in that room over there weighing all of it, trying to get it all in, and it just kept coming and coming," Clark said.

"I think we did great. For our size, we're not quite as big as some of the other schools, but I think for the size of school we are, we did amazing," said senior Callum Case.

"It's really humbling because I'm proud to be in a community and in a student body that really just likes to help the community and other people," senior Harley Caraway said.

"Giving back to other people that don't have as much as we have just seems like the right thing to do," explained Willoughby.

"It just brought everybody together and brought everybody close. Just seeing everybody work on it, it was just a really great thing to see everybody bond together," said Hayes.

Madisonville North Hopkins remains in the lead for Sunrise School Spirit donations, followed by Tecumseh and Northeast Dubois High Schools.

On Friday, October 28, Sunrise School Spirit travels to Daviess County High School.

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