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Honor Flight volunteers stuff envelopes for Mail Call packing day


This weekend, 85 Tri-State veterans will fly for free to Washington D.C. thanks to the honor flight.  It's a once-in-a-lifetime trip, but preparing for it is no small feat.

With every letter they open, Honor Flight of Southern Indiana Volunteers are giving local students, family, friends and total strangers a chance to say "thank you" to Tri-State veterans.

Dozens of people will show up to help sort, file and organize hundreds of letters that'll be read by Veterans on their way home from their trip to D.C. this weekend.

Donna McIntosh was by her father's side a few years ago on this same trip. Even at the end of a very long day touring the monuments in D.C, she knows how much this means to them.

They'll hear "Mail Call!" shouted a few moments after they take flight to head back to Evansville. Then, they get to read these letters. 

"To most Veterans, you can see the tears welling up and just dribbling down their eyes." says Donna.

It takes more than 40 hours to get every envelope packed for each Veteran. 
Vietnam Veteran, John Bryant tells me he's amazed by the amount of letters they're sorting through.

"I know what they've given. Why not take some time and do this for the guys who deserve it." says John.

Honor Flight of Southern Indiana's 5th trip leaves from the Evansville Airport early Saturday morning.
We'll be there for their return around 8pm and you can, too.

And if you'd like to write a Tri-State Vet a letter, you haven't missed your chance. Click here to contact HFSI.

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