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Cat overpopulation problem in Posey County


Posey County Humane Society officials tells us they can't get a handle on the stray cat overpopulation problem fast enough. 

Jessica Cozart tells us their organization gets hundreds of calls about feral cats every week, but they can't take them in because they say they're not adoptable.

Jessica says spaying and neutering these cats will control the population. A new program, called the Community Cat Fund will trap cats all over the county, spay or neuter then release them where they were found.

What happens if they don't get the cat population under control? Jessica says once a huge colony grows, the better chance the cats get sick.

Right now, they do this on an as-needed basis, and it costs about 160-dollars for the surgery.

We're told PHS officials plan to start trapping a few cats next week with a few hundred dollars in recent donations. Right now, it's all they can afford to do. 

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