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Extra security at school voting centers

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Vanderburgh County Election Officials are expecting high numbers at the polls.

Several EVSC schools are on the list of designated voting centers and voters will see increased security.

School officials say their top priority is security, that's why there will be a police officer designed to every polling location. Their sole duty will be to watch and keep people safe, as well as keep voters from going into other sections of the school.

Cedar Hall elementary, Caze elementary, Plaza Park and AIS Diamond on the old North High School campus will be new voting locations this year.

This comes after six vote centers were deemed inadequate because they were not ADA complaint.

Voters will either cast their ballot in the gym or in the main lobby of those schools.

"People that are voting will not be going through the building, where the students and staff are but rather they will be directly accessing, for example, a door into the gym, and then security will be in the gym to make sure that people who are coming in to vote remain in the gym, and exit through that same door," said Jason Woebkenberg with the EVSC.

Parents we spoke with say as long as there is security, they feel safe.

"As long as my kids are safe, that's all the matters to me and with the law enforcement here, I think it will be fine," said Brittany Crawford as she picked up her kids from Cedar Hall.

John Welch, who was picking up his grandchildren added, "well just knowing someone is there in case something does happen, you know, I don't believe it will but now-a-days you can never tell."

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