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Tri-State boy praised for saving family in house fire


Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to this.

"I saw smoke in my room. And what did it look like? It looked gray, like smoke"

For 8-year-old Corey Anderson, this wasn't a bad dream. 

Huntingburg Fire Department Investigator, John Smith tells 14 News his crews were called to this home on 103 North Washington Street around 12:30 Tuesday on a report of a house fire.

When they got there, he says the family was safe outside and firefighters were able to knock down the flames within an hour. But shortly before crews arrived, Corey and his family were asleep inside.

He was the first to wake up. Corey tells us he learned "Stop, Drop and Roll" at school, but he didn't stop when he saw smoke in his room.

"I climbed down my ladder and ran to mom's room," said Corey.

We've learned if it weren't for Corey waking up when he did. This story would have a much different ending. Firefighters say there were no working smoke alarms in this rental home.

The cause?

Smith says a discarded cigarette, which ignited the plastic bucket it was sitting in on the back steps. Ultimately spreading into the crawlspace below the home.

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