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Suspect in Evansville standoff identified

Michael Roberts (Source: Evansville Police) Michael Roberts (Source: Evansville Police)

One person was arrested after Evansville police say he fired a gun at an officer.

Officers say they tried to pull over 26-year-old Michael Ray Roberts for questioning in a burglary at Midget Links Golf Course.

Police say Roberts led them on a chase to a home on Maxwell Avenue. He got out of the car, fired at least one shot at officers, and then he and a passenger ran into the home. In total there were 6 people in the home, including the suspect. 

More than 20 officers and a SWAT team were on scene while crisis negotiators talked with Roberts inside the home. The standoff ended peacefully.

Neighbors we talked to with were shaken up after learning what was happening so close to their house. 

"I just saw all these sheriff vehicles over there, and then down here on the corner and I didn't know what was going on, so I went inside my house. This is crazy, I have never heard of that. That's insane, especially in my neighborhood like I have a son, I am a single mom with a son. Like that's scary," Tabytha Thurnan said.

Nina Pritchett lives right behind where the stand off took place.

"When I went out the back to empty the garbage a neighbor told me to get in the house, get in the house, i'll talk you later. I found out later that somebody had shot at police men. I come out and there was so many policemen, all around the back and front," Nina said.

Roberts got sick before he was taken to EPD headquarters to be interviewed. He was taken to the hospital for medical treatment not related to his arrest and will be booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail once he is released.

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