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Man barely escapes fire at Central City rubber recycling plant


The Re-Tek rubber recycling plant was home to the person that got the word out to authorities about a fire that would eventually deem the building as a total loss. Authorities say he was disoriented from inhaling smoke that they say woke him up.

"Smoke is the number one killer in a fire. If he hadn't woke up, smoke would have put him in a deeper sleep, if he hadn't have woken up he would have burned up," says Central City fire chief Ricky King.

Fire officials say the smoke blocked off the stairs, so the man had to find another way out by jumping out of a window and landing two stories below without getting hurt so he could go call the fire department. 

"If he hadn't exited the window quickly, we would have been dealing with a fatality fire," King said. 

He was given medical treatment for inhaling the smoke while watching at least 100 firefighters from eight departments spend the night fighting the flames. 

Officials don't have a cause for those flames just yet.  The 25 employees at the plant will be moved to another building until it's replaced. 

In the meantime, firefighters say they'll likely stay at the scene for the next few days to ensure all the hot spots are cooled off. 

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