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Judge increases Bobby Rushing's bond


Bobby Rushing is back in jail after Friday's court hearing.

Rushing is charged with assaulting 8-month-old Wyatt Hill, who is now in the hospital with brain damage. He was let go on a $2,000 bond earlier this month.

The judge apologized to the family on Friday, saying the bond was too low.

Bobby Rushing stood before the Hopkins County District Judge David Massamore Friday morning after his hearing was postponed from Monday until Friday. 

Rushing and his attorney asked to move the hearing to the grand jury which the judge granted. There was another matter the family and state wanted to settle which was the bond.

The judge explained to the family Monday morning the information given to him labeled Rushing as a low risk. Judge Massamore placed the bond, but he told the family that would have been higher had he known more details about the child.

The state requested the judge to reconsider that bond. After the judge heard both arguments, he found there was a change of circumstance and increased the bond to $10,000 cash. 

The judge explained that the serious injuries and the lack of witnesses to the incident lead to probable cause which gave the judge reason to increase the bond. As for Wyatt, his mother under oath today said there isn't much improvement other than he is taking a bottle.  

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